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Canada Boat to Gaza

Friday 3 September 2010 — Palestine — Israel, ,
Support a Canadian boat to Gaza Many people and civil society organizations in Canada and Quebec are opposed to the blockade of Gaza imposed by the government of Israel and the unconditional support extended to Israel by the government of Canada. People want to demonstrate their opposition to (...)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tuesday 6 July 2010 — 2010-2011 Internships
Who funds these internships? The Québec Sans Frontières internships are funded by the Ministère des relations internationales du Gouvernement du Québec. Are these internships remunerated? No. Alternatives engages to pay the following expenses: return ticket for the overseas placement overseas (...)

When communities take the information highway II : education in Yaoundé

1. Partners : A. Southern host organisation PROTEGE QV PROTEGE QV is a Cameroonian rights assocation whose mission it is to promote individual and collective initiative that target environmental protection and contributes to an increased quality fo life for Cameroonian families. It's main (...)

Family agriculture as a vector for food sovereignty!

1. Partners: A. Southern host organisation Réseau africain pour le développement (RADI) RADI's mission is to fight against poverty, injustice and ignorance by promoting the participation of concerned population and by empowering and educating citizens to promote autonomy and self-sustainability. (...)

Roots around the world : urban agriculture in Bamako (2nd year)

1. Southern host organisation: Clubs Kayira de l'Association des Radios libres Kayira Le Réseau des radios libres is an organization regrouping 9 community radio station (1 in Bamako, 8 in rural areas). Around those community radios were created the Clubs Kayira which are constituted of women's (...)

Ecuador: Documentaries for women's rights in Ecuador

1. Partners : A. Southern host organisation Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes del Ecuador (ACJ) ACJ Ecuador was created in 1959 and is a civil society organisation working for social change, development and human rights. ACJ works with poorest and excluded of the Ecuadorian society and more (...)

Alternatives' days 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010 — Alternatives days 2010
Reserve your place NOW for the 16th annual Alternatives' Days!! Dates : 27, 28, 29 August 2010 Place : Camp Papillon de St-Alphonse de Rodriguez Limited space, reserve now!! Call: (514) 982-6606 poste 2221 Alternatives welcomes you to the 16th edition of Alternatives' Days to participate with (...)

Sewing the labels of discontent

Tuesday 11 May 2010 by Peter Farrell — Intern chronicles, , ,
Taking a stroll through the endless clothes racks of a Canadian mall is generally not a terribly edifying experience. For some, it's a chance to pass a carefree day with friends, for others it's an opportunity to update their wardrobe with the hottest brands and styles, and yet for others, it's (...)

Celine Dion, Mali and Black identity

Tuesday 11 May 2010 by Christopher Vaughn — Intern chronicles,
I find myself walking down the dusty red path of Djoumanzana; a “suburb” if you will, of Mali's capital city, Bamako. It's nighttime and the only light available is that of the occasional passing motorcycle and the glare from between dark bodies huddled around the television set outside of the (...)

Project officer – International volunteering programs

Wednesday 5 May 2010 — Job offers
Location: Taipei, Taiwan, with traveling possibilities. Duration: 1 year Conditions: consultant position Salary: 2000$ / month Start date: June 25, 2010 Summary: Under the supervision of the Alternatives International general director and general secretary, as well as the Hao Ran Foundation, (...)

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