Al Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development

Community conference “social determinates of health” Ezbet El Haggana

Sunday 26 July 2009 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Al Shehab Foundation for Comprehensive Development in partnership with the Association for Health and Environmental Development (AHED) and the Development Support Center, has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the public conference on Monday 27th July 2009 at 17:00 at Al Shehab office.

The conference will discuss the activities and studies carried out by civil society and community to address the Social Determinants of health in Ezbet El Haggana, supported by World Health Organization, East Mediterranean Regional Office, WHO- EMRO, in Ezbet El Haggana, Cairo.

Address: 1 Atef Al Saddat Street, Arba W Nus, Ezbet El Haggana, Cairo-Suez Desert road, Cairo.

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