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Wednesday 22 February 2006 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

1 Eradicating all the forms of discrimination and Empowering the marginalized classes: Improving the economic conditions of the women • This program seeks to empower women economically; widening their opportunities to choose in order for them not to be obliged to work in the jobs that would make them vulnerable to health problems or violence.

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Handicraft lesson

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Illiteracy Program

An illiteracy unit was established. The unit served women, men and children who split from schools. Children were keen to attend classes after their work while women and men couldn’t follow. The reason for men is the unstable working times and those for women are the social habits, ignorance and poverty, which in turn urges them to find an additional source of income to alleviate their conditions.

Project: Developing Ezbet Al-Haggana and enhancing the social and economical standards of women-headed families

“Funded by Arab Women League, in September 2003”

Areas of Activity:

- Surveying women who head families to identify their social and economical conditions as well as their particular needs.

- Develop the skills of Ezbet Al-Haggana’s women through teaching them an income generating handcraft, i.e. sewing.

- Making available small loans to help women start up productive projects in order to alleviate their conditions.

- Establishing illiteracy classes for women.

- Convening awareness sessions in the arenas of environment, health and law.

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