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Children: our future

Wednesday 22 February 2006 by Al Shehab institution for Comprehensive Development

Illiteracy Program

An illiteracy unit was established. The unit served women, men and children who split from schools. Children were keen to attend classes after their work while women and men couldn’t follow. The reason for men is the unstable working times and those for women are the social habits, ignorance and poverty, which in turn urges them to find an additional source of income to alleviate their conditions.

Developing skills and behavior of children through art

This program is self-funded and base on volunteerism by the staff.

Specific Objective:

-  Preparing a group of children culturally, psychologically and socially to be a rather advanced group. This group shall join the community to enhance its resources and potentials. In addition, they would create an alternative awareness, based on critical perception, in order to develop the social environment surrounding children.

- Develop the children’s skills through artistic activities such as theater, drawing, choral singing, clay and collage.

- Consolidate the teamwork spirit and the acceptance of the other.

- Organizing recreational and educational trips for school and working children.

Appling for birth certificates for children

The need of this point emerged when many children of 6 and more years of age were found to have no birth certificates. This would obstruct their enrollment to schools and their normal childhood track in general.

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