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Espousing the interests of the inhabitants of E’zbet Haggana, an informal settlement of several hundreds of thousands close to Cairo International Airport, Al-Shehab has disseminated a rights-based and democratic conception of development as it has engaged the residents. , it is unique among civil society organizations in the area in that it does not carry a religious label and is equally open to Muslims and Copts, as it is to men and women, boys and girls, Egyptians and Sudanese refugees, vigourously asserting their equal dignity and legitimate claim to consideration of their family members, peers and authorities, and indeed of their own selves

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Eradicating violence against women and support the application of the preventive measures that would help applying the laws

This project aims at spreading awareness among the poor women who live in the marginalized areas such as El Haganna which would make them overcome the violence that they face by filing official cases in the police stations. > continue

Intentional Women’s Day (Sat 28 March 09)

Intentional Women’s Day For the first time in the Egyptian women history to celebrate the International Women’s day not in Hotel or closed room but in the street of Ezbet Elhagana which is one of the poorest areas in Egypt. According to “Batrik Martin” the Middel East correspondent for the major (...) > continue

International Women’s Day 2009- Invitation

Let’s know about women rights > continue

El Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development

Who We Are? We are a group of youth, volunteers and activists are interested in the social work based on local communities within the Egyptian society. We established El Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development (Duly registered under the number 5186 on 11/6/2003). The institution works (...) > continue

About Ezbet El Haggana


El Shehab Institution

El Shehab Institution for Promotion and Comprehensive Development is financed on a project base to ensure the continuity of our work and its positive impact on the communities we are involved with.We are seeking new sources of funding if your organization is interested in becoming a partner of (...) > continue

Sewage Network at EL–Hagana area

Connecting the houses to Governmental Sewage Network at EL –Hagana area “Funded by the embassy of Japan in February 2004” Specific objectives: sewage project To connect a number of households of the local community to the governmental sewage network. To promote the active participation of (...) > continue

Legal aid unit

Legal aid unit A unit for legal aid was established and among its achievements stood the following: Raising two collective cases for the population of Ezbet Al-Haggana before the court: the first demanding a sanitary sewerage network and network of drinking water, and the second calling for (...) > continue

Women empowerment

1 Eradicating all the forms of discrimination and Empowering the marginalized classes: Improving the economic conditions of the women • This program seeks to empower women economically; widening their opportunities to choose in order for them not to be obliged to work in the jobs that would (...) > continue

Project training of jobless

Project training of jobless boys and girls at Ezbet El Hagana for painting, printing and dyeing on fabrics funded by German Embassy in Cairo in July 28th 2004 The project aims to empower the jobless technical schools graduated both boys and girls through train them on more safe occupations, (...) > continue

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